Contents & Directions:

Acoustic - Electric - Analog - Digital
Past - Present - Future
Monkey - Machine

Seed Card:
Redeem - Plant - Grow
2-CD set:
Play - Repeat
Flash Drive (USB2):
Download - Stream - Put on your screen
Art/Lyric Book:
Manual page turning necessary - Batteries not required
Keep warm - Be cool
Signed Limited Edition Art Prints:
Frame - Hang - View - Enjoy
Bend and Peel

Recommended uses:

Experience and enjoy actively, interactively, and collaboratively

Listen - Hear - Look - See - Touch - Feel
Move - Make - Exert - Engage - Work - Play - Rest
Sing - MC - Add Instruments - Remix - Mash- Create - Sticker - Paint - Photograph

- share your collaborations with us -
(send us your recordings, remixes, pictures of where you put your stickers and art prints, and photos wearing our hoodies)

thank you to all the artists who contributed to this project in so many different ways
thank you for all the art and music that inspires and influences us
thank you to all who supported this project

"thank you for being...
thank you for being here"

"...all good ends must come to a thing"
-Bend and Peel-

© ℗ Copyright Bend and Peel. All rights reserved.